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Limited Edition

One of a kind pieces for their design, personal touch, or for the uniqueness of the stones. We make special order custom made unique object and involve the client with the most appropriate selection.
ramage ring with morganite drop ct 18 and white diamonds and pink ...
ring love in pink gold, heart shapped ruby whit white pois diamomds
ring in pink gold triangle amethist with letter over stem. it’s ...
letters ring with oval ruby and letter over stem. it's possible to ...
ring in withe gold, aquamarina ct 21, white diamonds and rubies, ...
burma ring white gold, ruby ct 6,5 and white diamonds
frog ring in pink gold, round peridot ct 18 , white and brown ...
ruby ring, white gold, white diamonds and burma ruby
aquamarina ring white gold , aquamarina ct 20 and rubies
ring white gold, aquamarina ct 25, white diamonds, sapphires and ...
rubellite ring, pink gold, white diamonds carré rubellite
basket ring, yellow gold, yellow and orange sapphires and tsavorrite
quarzo rutilato ring, yellow gold, with pavè sapphires
aquamarina necklace white gold, aquamarine natural ct 150 and white ...
earrings cascata in yellow gold pink coral, and ruby drops cabochon
earrings baguette white gold, white diamonds and pearls
earrings carré white gold emeraulds carré white diamonds and pearls
earrings peaux d’ange white gold coral and grey diamonds
earrings brown diamonds and white diamonds
earrings gocce d’acqua white burnish gold, white sapphires rose cut ...
earrings ramage s pink gold morganite sapphire and white diamonds
brooch sun yellow gold oval spessartite, sapphires and topaz
brooch triangle yellow gold topaz and sapphire
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